Custom Logo Face Mask

Custom your logo face mask online, for companies, organizations, and personalized groups

Instocking LLC. USA

Custom logo on facemask you speified
N95/KN95/KF94/Medical/Fashion style optional
Low MOQ, free sample, easy order

What’s custom logo mask set-up fees? Free for ALL!

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Many sites have setup fees for promotion programs: What you need to know

What is setup fee for custom logo?


Most web products have setup fees. Why do some items require multiple fees?

If you want imprints with multiple colors and or positions, this will require multiple setup fees.This is because when you screen print your item, a different color screen is created for each part of your imprint.


Digitally printed items also require an installation fee, and your artwork is sent to a large printer.

I ordered a lot of things, Does the installation include everything?

Each different item you order has a unique setup fee.

First, each item has a unique imprinted area.

All the promotional products on their website are made by many, many different factories.So even if you have two items with the same impression method and area, you still have to pay different fees because they are made and shipped from different places. customize logo mask price not clear yet.

Note that you will be charged for installation each time on most of sites you place an order.This is the cost of using the ink and color on the product.

Well, that’s a lot of information.Too much trouble!


We custom logo mask Set-up Fees Free at ALL!

So,  custom logo face mask made Set-up Fees Free at ALL!

You don`t have to worry about the cost of setting up any more All items all orders and all times are free.  Despite contact we place an order now or directly and all the setting fees will be free.

All our charges are marked on the merchandise page calculated according to the price and freight of each item without any additional charges. custom face mask fees are clear ,custom logo face mask fees very simple. Now, Free for custom face mask set-up fees in USA and Canada.

Please contact us directly and we will quote you a real price to customize your logo mask.


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your own mask, make your own mask, printable mask create your own mask, mask, faces, custom face design, photos

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