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Wearing masks in the wrong way can increase the risk of infection

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Under normal epidemic prevention and control

Masks are essential

But over time

We wear masks “posture” began to be multifarious

Forward to remind

Do not wear a mask in any of the following ways

We are often on the street, in restaurants

I saw some people suffocating because they were wearing masks

Or to make it easier to eat

Pull the mask under your nose

Even up to the chin

Some even put masks on their arms!

Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University

Wang Jing, chief physician of respiratory medicine

The mask was placed over the chin

Can increase the risk of infection

Because of the skin on the chin and neck

Bacteria or viruses may be present

If you put a mask on your chin

The inner side of the mask

It becomes contaminated.

When you put the mask back on your nose and mouth

These bacteria or viruses

From the mucous membranes of the nose to the mucous membranes of the mouth

Into respiratory tract

Thus causing the associated disease infection

“Especially with this omicron spread

It’s very hidden

And the transmission is very strong.”

In addition to

Others do it for convenience

Put a mask on your arm

The arm has wide range of motion

Bacteria and dust attach easily

There are also big risks

Apart from the fact that the posture of wearing the mask is not correct

And some friends

In pursuit of individual expression

Wear some of the so-called “transparent masks” of Internet celebrities.

But these masks are made of plastic

Neither aerate nor filter virus particles

There is no protection

To this, disease control experts suggest

“The average healthy person

In some crowded public places

Use disposable surgical masks.”

Proper medical masks need to pass air tightness tests

If it doesn’t fit the face

Protection will be greatly reduced

When people wear masks

You can test yourself in a simple way

The face of the mask collapses slightly on inhalation

And when you exhale, you puff up

Note The air tightness of the mask is sufficient

When the bridge of the nose or cheeks leaks air

Masks need to be adjusted

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