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Custom logo on facemask you speified
N95/KN95/KF94/Medical/Fashion style optional
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What is Custom Logo Face Mask

What is Custom Logo Face Mask ?

Custom Logo Face Mask means to print your logo on your designated mask. It is a colorful relief, and can adapt to various types of masks, such as n9kn95 medical disposable masks, fashion masks and so on. We offer a wide range of models of masks to print for you to choose from. We can order a free sample for you to see the actual printing effect. When you receive your order, you will see a very beautiful customized logo mask. This will give your company a very good image.

Customize logo on the mask in any style you like

You can customize almost any style you want,  as long as he has enough space to print the logo. Offers a variety of styles to choose from. When you have chosen the mask, you can start the next order. Soon, the customized mask you want will be sent to you.

Customized logo masks are important to company image

Customized masks will give your company’s image a big boost. In the past, people used to see people’s faces face to face, but nowday, people will see masks and the logo on them first, which will be the first priority to see. When people meet, they will first see a conspicuous and beautiful logo. If your company is negotiating with other companies, if you see a mask with logo, you will feel very formal and professional, and also feel very safe.


Customized logo masks will look more beautiful

We use embossed color printing will make the logo look sharper and remarkable. It contains 16-bit digital color, you can print almost any image you want. All you have to do is send us the logo file and we can give you the design and even make a free sample for you to see.

Various types of masks can be customized logo

Our feature is that there are many styles of masks that can be customized, not only sometimes can be photographed, but also with the protection level of N95 masks, KN95 masks and so on. Fashion masks and cloth masks are more versatile and suitable for some common environments where masks are usually worn.  Customized medical disposable masks are cheaper, suitable for advertising promotion. If you customize the logo with a protection-rated mask fora higher institution or research Institute, the mask will look more professional. Browse our store to see a wide range of styles. You can choose to customize the mask according to your needs. You can choose fashion or the corresponding protection level to decide which one you want to customize.

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Free design, free setup, free samples for custom face mask

We provide you with free online design and free manual design, no design fee. If you contact us, we can make free custom logo samples mask for you. The customized price will be at the top of the page without any additional fees. We are committed to providing free logo masks to a variety of companies in the United States.  After seeing the actual samples, we can carry out various customization businesses.

Provide customized masks for various enterprises

It is more responsible to wear masks with customized logo for employees in the company, and it looks safer. If employees wear masks to organize various activities, it is a great publicity for the company. It not only makes the company look more professional and formal, but also makes people feel that the company is safe and trustworthy.

Custom pattern masks for all kinds of business events and parties

If there are more people holding various business activities, it is more responsible to wear a mask with a customized logo, and it looks more reassuring and safe. Music festivals, advertising campaigns, business promotions,  out gatherings, etc.

Accept all kinds of graphics and patterns, not just logo trademarks, you can customize the pattern of the topics on the mask.

Customized mask order excellently and accurately

Knowing that you only need to contact and send us the logo file, we will strictly follow the logo map to produce and print. We will make an  free sample of your confirmed design before proceeding with your order. Soon you will receive beautiful customized face mask.

Send a customize requirement

Send a customize requirement