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Types of customized logo mask

What are the types of customized logo masks

With the development of technology, there will be more and more customized logo masks of various styles, models and processes. We can see the following types of customized logo masks on the market. 

Thermal transfer offset printing customized logo face mask

We vectorize the image we need to print to make it sharper and brighter.Of course, we will not change the logo of the company. And then we print it on a special transfer paper. And then use a technique to transfer it to the mask. It is embossed hollowed-out and looks very three-dimensional and colorful. Make the corporate logo look more professional and authentic. From a well-made point of view, the craftsmanship of this custom-made mask is the most beautiful.

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reusable personalized custom logo mask, face, made mask, mask personalized mask, custom logo, printed mask, images


Oil Pad Print logo customized mask

We can use the pad print machine to print the image on the mask to complete our mask customization. Usually we see the words N95 on the mask, such as the reaction on 3M mask,  using pad print technology to custom logo on face mask. This method is relatively simple and fast, but it can only print black, the effect is not so beautiful.   Applicable to masks, printing trademarks and words.

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print mask, printable mask, logo mask custom mask, custom, logo facemask personalized 


UV printing mask customized logo

We can see the use of UV to print logos on some medical masks, and on medical disposable masks. UV printing is faster, but his handwriting is not as clear as thermal transfer, if you print the company’s logo on it, you will see little rough spots. If you want to customize some cheap masks for Live events , you can try it.


UV printing full customized logo mask

The same is UV printed directly on the mask, the difference is that it will be the whole mask all printed with color. But it also has a disadvantage, that is, it will not be too clear, the pattern can not be too fine. If the overall color is set to one color, all the masks are made into one color, and then printed with a logo, this design is better. This will not make the pattern look rough.



Embroidered custom logo masks on fashion masks and cloth masks

You can make an embroidered logo on the cloth mask, which will be more exquisite, just like the embroidered logo on the clothes.

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