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Different Types of Face Masks

Face masks often asked questions

what are the Different types of face masks

There are many diverse types of face masks out there, we either sell many types of face masks including kn95 and surgical styles and even some masks that are washable so they can be used repeatedly, n95 and kn95 face masks furnish you with a equal lofty level of protection against the harmful airborne particles. The machine then compares the input to find out how successful masks are at keeping the airborne particles away.

What is N95 face mask?

N95 is certified with CDC NIOSH ,with at least 95% filtration protection masks. In a standard test of the material, 95% of the 0.3 micron particles filtered by the material.

What is KN95 face mask?

KN95 has long claimed to have the same filtration efficiency with 95%, but they are developed by different testing and certification agencies. The United States FDA partially approved kn95.

A qualified kn95 has the same protective effect.

Do face masks Work?

According to the centers for CDC disease manage and prevention, Face masks do work at preventing the circulate of bacteria and viruses.  Depending on the degree of protection, different masks have significantly different protective functions. Please refer to the description of each mask to arrange your choice according to its degree of protection.

Then used a grain counter to see how many grains were captured by the mask. That’s thanks to an adjustable nose slice that allows you to conform the mask perfectly to your face. You can choose the privilege face mask by 1, wearing the privilege property mask accordingly becomes an incredibly wise choice. There to be no gaps amongst the edges of the mask and your face.

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