Custom Logo Face Mask

Custom your logo face mask online, for companies, organizations, and personalized groups

Instocking LLC. USA

Custom logo on facemask you speified
N95/KN95/KF94/Medical/Fashion style optional
Low MOQ, free sample, easy order

Customize the advertising words on the mask

How to make the advertisement on the mask? What are the benefits of making it on the mask?

Print advertisements on customized masks

We can tie the advertisement to the special electronic mask.You can also put a picture or a logo or a description of the event.  You can first Just think about the theme of the advertising campaign or promotional activities, which can be some text or graphics. And then just send graphic solution.  Then we will help you send the visual effect to you immediately.If you will definitely place an order, we will also print an actual sample for you. And send pictures and videos to your email.


People will see the advertisement on your mask first when they meet

In the past, people would see each other’s faces before meeting, but nowday, people would first notice the mask and the logo on the mask, and the customized logo and advertisement on the mask would be very obvious.


Promote your ad or campaign theme

On many occasions, we have to wear masks or distribute masks. We just need to print the logo or the theme of the event on the masks, which can greatly improve our advertising effect.We can also distribute it to some people who are not on the spot, so that his activities can be spread farther.


Take your ads further afield

Even if many people do not participate in on-site activities or advertising activities, the masks they wear have a lot of advertising effects. If it is a N9 or N95 mask, it can be worn for many days, that is to say, it will promote the effect for many days. It will give you advertising benefits for many days.

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