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Custom N95 Masks – Your Business’s Best Friend in a Pandemic

The importance of having custom N95 masks with logo as part of your business’s preparedness plan cannot be overstated. They can protect you, your employees, and your customers from exposure to serious illness and infection during an outbreak of pandemic flu, which we all know could happen at any time. If you have decided to make the investment in masks, keep reading to learn some interesting facts about these custom n95 masks that you might not already know.


What do we mean by custom?

Custom masks not only represent your business but offer the best protection for your employees and customers. With 5,000 masks on hand, it doesn’t take long to become part of an employee’s protective gear. We specialize in custom N95 mask production and take pride in our attention to detail. We’ll meet with you to discuss your needs and design the perfect mask that represents your business or organization while staying current with public health concerns.

Why are they better than off-the-shelf masks?

An off-the-shelf mask isn’t an optimal defense against airborne diseases because it doesn’t cover the nose or mouth. If a person has a cold, coughs, or sneezes into their mask, the virus will be aerosolized and land on other surfaces around them and can easily enter another person’s airway. This is why we recommend custom-fitted masks that wrap around the nose and mouth to provide more protection. Unlike some masks designed for infants or animals that have mesh screens instead of fabric, our masks are made with three layers of activated carbon to filter small particles out of the air, so they can stop germs from reaching your lungs! Additionally, these masks don’t require eyeholes so they will fit comfortably over most glasses frames.

Is there any way to make these even more effective?

The N95 is the general industry standard for masks and has been shown to protect the wearer from more than 95% of particles that enter their lungs. However, it may not protect against chemical weapons, gases or smoke. Also, most masks don’t do well with people who wear glasses or eyeglasses. We would suggest an option that either conforms to the shape of your nose or offers an opening on both sides so they’re able to fit over them.

Do you carry other products as well?

We are a small but passionate team with one goal: to be the best at protecting people. Since we don’t carry other products, we take our commitment to you and your safety very seriously. To us, each and every customer is important, no matter how big or small your needs are. That is why our masks have eye and mouth ventilation, feel like you’re not wearing anything at all, fit anyone from 7 years old to 70 years old (they adjust for face size), filter 95% of air particles 0.3 microns or larger (to keep out any harmful particles), and come with emergency medical information translated into 40 languages. Plus they are as pretty as they are practical!

How can I find out more about your company?

At Instocking LLC, we’ve been providing quality respiratory protection solutions for more than 10000 customers. Since then, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes for an effective mask. In this blog post, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the importance of air purification and give you an idea of how custom n95 masks can be used to keep your family safe.

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