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N95/KN95/KF94/Medical/Fashion style optional
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Common face mask faq -face masks or custom logo face mask

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Common face mask faq

Our face mask making process , the stuff for the front side and advocate side of the mask is carefully selected, the face masks are individually inspected.
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Face Masks reduce the spread of Covid-19

how do face masks assist dwindle the spscan of covid-19
face masks rule as a barrier among you and those around you.

Should wear Face Mask?

N95 and kn95 face masks afford you with a very tall smooth of protection against the harmful airborne particles. That`s thanks to an adjustable nose piece that allows you to suit the mask perfectly to your face. Masks are niosh approved because they can protect the wearer from catching an airborne illness. Can afford better protection from infected covid particles than surgical masks or cloth masks.

The machine compares the input to find out how successful masks are at keeping the airborne particles away. Wearing a face mask has been scientifically proven to assist decrease the disperse of covid-19. Face masks do work at preventing the disperse of germ and viruses. As per the proficient of covid 19,

But in most cases about the globe it`s advised to dress a face mask in public situations such as public transport,

Then used a molecule counter to see how many molecules were captured by the mask. Capturing 83% of molecules smooth while they were place on people`s faces.

The materials vary based on the class of masks, still the ones that are best for public apply are basic cloth face masks or disposable surgical masks.

How put on Face Mask?

wear mask follow the instruction of box of masks. N95 is different from other masks. Earloops are easy wearing.

Wash and reuse Face Mask
Some type of mask can be washed, some not, follow the instruction masks. So they are relatively simple to wash and can last rather a few laundry cycles. Clean and reuse disposable equipment such as masks

What type of Face Mask should I use?

what class of face mask should i apply, a cloth face mask is often the most convenient option, a N95 mask will be best protection, as CDC NIOSH approval. a Kn95 cetified will be ok too.

your own mask, make your own mask, free logo mask mask, create your own mask, mask custom, face , face design, photos
your own mask, make your own mask, free logo mask mask, create your own mask, mask custom face design, photos

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