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6 Things need to know Before Designing a Logo

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Your Company

We should carefully understand the historical development process of the company as well as the company culture and employees. This will also determine the direction of our trademark. A company`s genes will be integrated into the logo design. If there is an error such as an image that does not conform to the company culture it must be that there is not enough understanding of the company`s content and culture.

Color Psychology

Color theme is a very important aspect which will determine the main feelings of people when they see trademark pictures. Blue for example will see the feeling of technology. Yellow is also like the lovely color of children`s category or the color of objects.

Graphic design

Pattern design is also very important it will determine a taste of our logo. For example if you want to make a cool logo it will be a very sharp picture with all kinds of cool shapes. If we customize it and print it on a mask such as logo it will also look cool. If you don`t have some ideas for graphic design at present you can look at many graphic websites and imitate their designs. But you can`t copy other people`s designs. You can start your design with many creative ideas.

Font Legibility

You must strictly choose legal fonts If you are not sure whether you are legal or not you can start from Free font library. Never start your logo design with commercial fonts and misunderstand unpaid fonts.

Target customer

Be sure to determine the target population and how they feel when they see the logo. If you design a logo for children you have to interview children`s   How do they feel when they see this logo.  If you are designing a high-tech product you need to Examine the practical feelings of people who like high-tech products. 

Nowdays trends

Don`t consider some fashion factors today if the icons you make are too old or not careful enough. We are reluctant to see such a logo. If the design is good-looking and aesthetic people will receive it more.

 Consider putting the logo on an actual sample such as printing it on paper or making it on clothes or. Only do it on the logo to show the effect. 

your own mask, make your own mask, printable mask create your own mask, mask, faces, custom face design, photos
your own mask, make your own mask, printable mask create your own mask, mask, faces, custom face design, photos

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