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Thermal transfer custom logo mask

Thermal transfer custom logo mask

What is thermal transfer custom logo mask? What is the process of thermal transfer custom mask? There are many advantages of custom masks by thermal transfer printing. What is the price of thermal transfer customized mask? The best price of thermal transfer customized mask.


What is a thermally transfer custom logo mask?

Also called heat transfer customizing that mask, hot roll printing custom logo mask. By heat transfer. A custom method of moving a custom logo onto a mask. First of all we print the image and we notice whether the image is embossed three-dimensional , colored , It has a Three-dimensional levels. We can see that its edge is sharp and edge is layered. So we see the customized logo which is colorful beautiful and has distinct layers. So the pattern he made is very eye-catching. This is completely different from the printed pattern. If we print on a picture we see that the printed picture is actually Completely on the first floor. The logo printed at the beginning is actually a three-dimensional pattern of plastic. So we finally make it and he will have a little 3d feeling.


Features of custom logo mask by thermal transfer

First of all it has the three-dimensional effect of relief and its color is bright. Very eye-catching. This can’t be compared with other printing methods. The logo is made using vector graphics which makes the edges very clear and sharp. It has a hollow effect and the edges are transparent. Make the logo look clearer. Ah. If it is a custom activity the theme of the theme activity will become more conspicuous.


Bulk customization of logo masks have best price

If you use mass custom logo masks. The price of assembly line will become lower. Production and manufacturing costs will be reduced. If you have a large custom logo mask Planned orders Please contact us .


Customized logo masks no minimum

There is no minimum amount of nails in that mask. You can customize 500 masks 200 masks or even 100 masks which is almost the amount that one person will run out of quickly. You can even contact us to order a proofing just one.

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reusable, custom create your own mask mask design, logo mask mask, printed face ized, face, product


Convenient and quick customized logo mask

You only need to send us your logo or advertising language and we can design it for you for free. Our design can create a practical sample for you, Send you pictures of the sample.

Send a customize requirement

Send a customize requirement