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Price of custom logo mask

What is the price of custom logo mask

How much is the price of the customized mask? What are the best and cheapest customized logo mask? Price list of custom logo mask as below.

Customized logo face mask, the price of the logo mask is divided into two parts, one part is the mask and transportation cost of the mask, the other part is the processing cost of the customized logo.  The set-up fee is free. 

All costs on are clearly declaimed on product page to proceed orders. No additional charges.

The price ranking of the mask itself.

  1. N95 masks.  N95 masks are CDC NIOSH, FDA approved and only have 95% filtration efficiency of protective mask. It has a particulate filtration efficiency of at least 95% in surface particulate filtration experiments. Its price is the highest, but in our company, we cooperate with many channels to purchase directly from the manufacturer, and we only have the best price research masks to print the logo. Suitable for some high-end companies and some high-end occasions, so that it looks more professional, price will not be the first consideration.
  2. Kn95 masks. The KN95  is also  95% efficient in filtering particulate matter, if it is a qualified KN95 its protective effect is recognized. When we buy kn95, we need to know whether it has passed the test and has relevant certificates. KN95 is to be cheap or easy to wear than N95, and it is easy to be divided, the applicability is wider.
  3. Fashion mask or cloth mask. Customized fashion masks, whose protective effect is not tested. But relatively speaking, fashion customized logo masks are more likely to be seen as a habit. It looks clean when used, and it does protect against some bacteria and dust particles. Custom-made fashion cloth masks are usually used as a cultural symbol or to promote certain slogans, And it will look cooler. The cost advantage of fashionable masks is that they can generally be cleaned and reused, so their use cost is actually relatively low.
  4. Medical disposable masks. Medical disposable masks are designed to protect against bacteria and are not designed to protect against viruses. But it is OK if it is used to carry as a clean and hygienic condition. Disposable masks can be used in some food industries or retail stores, which will look more professional and clean than not wearing masks. It still has some protective effect. The cost of medical disposable masks is the lowest, so if we use them to do some on-site activities, one-time advertising to promote these activities, our use cost will be the best.

The mask custom logo cost

1.Embossed Thermal Transfer to Customize logo

The image of the thermal transfer logo is colored and embossed, hollowed out. The logo of your company will be clearly placed on the mask far away, and you can see a clear and bright logo. The price of this kind is a little more expensive, but its effect and advertising effect will be the best state.

2.Color UV printing logo

Color printing can be done directly on the mask. Its effect is not as good as the above one, because it will appear a little, but its cost will be slightly lower. Suitable for customization, the cost of a large number of disposable medical masks will be reduced. oil print

If printed with black ink, like the factory model number on many masks, it will only be black, and if it is used to print the logo, it will not look so good. However, its cost is the lowest, and it is more cost-effective if it is used to produce a large number of logos.

Transportation cost of masks

If you use N95 and kn95 to customize the logo, the mask will be slightly more expensive because of its higher weight. If we don’t take the box, the freight will be reduced a lot because it is sent by air.

The transportation cost of medical disposable masks is relatively low because the weight of disposable masks is very light.

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