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Custom logo on facemask you speified
N95/KN95/KF94/Medical/Fashion style optional
Low MOQ, free sample, easy order

Customize a large number of custom logo masks should choose what style and process?

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What style and process if Customize a large number of custom logo masks?

I need to customize a large number of customized logo masks. For example, I want to customize 10,000 customized logo masks in a group company. What kind of style should I use and what kind of printing method is suitable?

Customize a large number of customized masks, you should choose a cheaper style of masks

For a huge quantity, if the price is a little bit more expensive, the overall price will go up a lot, so masks should be as cheap as possible. As long as it is of acceptable quality and has the effect of promoting the company or a live event, that is enough.

Choose the right logo print effect and method

The logo can be transferred using thermal transfer embossing. If you choose a disposable medical mask, you can use UV printing. Printing with ink is not recommended, Although it is very cheap, the publicity effect of the trademark is very poor, and the publicity effect is not brought into play.

You need to choose the right design method and pattern. If you choose a medical disposable mask, you can also choose to  full print  all. You can try its overall effect.

Choose a cheaper way to ship

Choose a cheap shipping method. If you choose shipping by sea, the freight will be much lower. If you choose the individual packaging, the shipping and space will be slightly larger.

wholesale custom, create your own mask face reusable logo, custom logo photos
wholesale custom, create your own mask face reusable logo, custom logo photos

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